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Write a clear subject line. An email should have “glance-value”. Simply taking a short glimpse of the subject line should provide a clear understanding of what the email is for. Therefore, putting in something like “Appointment scheduling for X” will allow the reader to grasp the idea quickly. Use a salutation. Starting with a “Hi” or a more formal “Hello” is considered good manners and makes the email seem less spammy. Salutations always improve the success rate of whatever you are trying to achieve. Introduce yourself (if necessary). If you are setting an appointment at an office or governmental institution, introducing yourself will help you get a response. Generally, as appointments in such places are limited to specific people, providing information about yourself will ensure that the relevant party will schedule the meeting. Explain why you want to meet. Sometimes the meeting reason might be obvious (e.g. booking an appointment at a hair salon). However, if there are many options or numerous possibilities for appointments, be sure to state your intentions clearly. Be flexible about time and place. Unless you are asking for a reminder, be prepared to offer a time window. If you are setting an appointment that is not at a dedicated institution, offer a safe and public place to meet if needed. Request a reply or confirmation. Going to an appointment and getting ghosted (intentionally or not!) is never a good feeling. Always request for confirmation to make sure that the recipient has received and read the email. Send a reminder. Setting up a reminder the day prior (or at some other time) greatly increases appointment attendance.
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Out of the box alternative for the ‘meet our team’ page. The company decided to show all their staff from tip to toe. With a single mouse click, you can move the whole departments hither and thither. Imagine, how you will be treated as a customer!

We supply medical products in the following categories: Lab equipment, Surgical, X-Ray, Consu...


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